Disappearance at Oare

The Whitstable Pearl restaurant has been busy all summer while Pearl’s detective agency has brought few interesting cases – until a prospective client calls…

Christina Scott confides that seven years ago she had the perfect life with a seaside home, a confirmed pregnancy and Steven, a loving husband – until one morning she woke to find herself alone. Christina’s husband had vanished, taking nothing with him but his car – which was later found abandoned at the beautifully mysterious Oare Marshes.

Now, with the legal presumption of Steven’s death about to be made, Christina shows a photograph to Pearl. It’s not of him, but of her young son, Martin, who has grown up without his father but Christina is adamant he now deserves to know the truth. And will Pearl help her solve the riddle of Steven’s disappearance?

DCI Mike McGuire warns Pearl she’s on a fool’s errand but the case resonates with Pearl as she begins to uncover secrets and lies that take her on a dangerous journey back into her own past, as well as Christina’s…

‘A tried-and-tested crime recipe with Whitstable flavours that makes for a Michelin-starred read’ Daily Mail

ISBN: 978-1472124944

Publication date: 05 Mar 2018

Page count: 320

Imprint: Constable


It’s a busy life for Pearl Nolan, a leading light of Whitstable where she is a successful restaurateur-cum-private detective. Her latest case has Pearl tracking down a young artist who went missing seven years earlier.

Was it suicide – as his parents believe – or is he still to be found, a fugitive from troubled relationships?

With a little help from DCI Mike McGuire, who is intent on making Pearl his partner in life as in crime, the investigation lifts the veil on the dark side of the promenade.

With revelations of grubby manipulations of vulnerable young people, a more sinister explanation of past events begins to emerge. With her talent for evoking the delights of good eating while enjoying the sea breeze, Julie Wassmer is the perfect deckchair companion.


Barry Turner

Daily Mail