Murder She Wrote.

Sarah Lonsdale

The Sunday Times

Published on 22nd April 2017

10 Things You May Not Know About Me By Julie Wassmer

Julie Wassmer

Female First

Published on 6th April 2017

Julie Wassmer Chooses 5 Hidden Gems to Discover in Whitstable

Julie Wassmer


Published on 6th May 2017

Top Picks

My Weekly

Published April 217

Plans for TV crime series to be filmed in Whitstable and Canterbury

Ben Ashton

Published on 5th December 2016

Third in the Trilogy – but it won’t be her last

Canterbury & Whitstable Times

Published on April 2016

Novel penned by Whitstable author set to launch this week

Molly Kersey

Published on 28th September 2015

This is a promo video that was produced by Simon Coles for the launch of The Whitstable Pearl Mystery.

More Than Just Coincidence

Eight women share their incredibly moving stories about adoption

John Koski

Daily Mail

Published on 27th March 2011

Experience: I chanced upon the daughter I gave up for adoption

Julie Wassmer

The Guardian

Published on 30th October 2010

Writer inspired by lost daughter

This is Kent

Published on 24th September 2010

What a plot: finding the child I gave up

Richard Brooks

The Times

Published on 29th August 2010

Environmental Campaigning

Women lead the call to arms as anti-fracking fight intensifies

John Vidal

Published on 29th May 2016

Fracking Goes on Trial

Julie Wassmer

New Internationist

Published on 23rd July 2015

Green living: the ‘eco-clicktivists’

Sarah Lonsdale

The Telegraph

Published on 23rd May 2012